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to the official sites
of the state chateau of Dačice



Today´s face of the Dačice´s chateau is given by clasicist rebuilt at the beginning of 19th century. Behind simple main front there is hidden the square courtyard with original Renaissance arcades. The simple appearance of the castle contrasts with a rich equipment in two floors of a guided tour. The rooms on the ground floor of the northern wing used to serve representative purposes - there is situated an ancestral gallery of the Dalbergs. The rooms on the 1st floor represent Empire Style. The staircase hall is unique in the Central Europe due to the magnificent lay-out of its Empire Style interior. 












The chateau park is situated in the hight of 500 meters above sea-level. At the beginning of the 19th century it was adapted to its present style of an English nature landscape park which spreads on the undulating terrain of the chateau grounds.